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Winter Storm Niko

New England Land & Tree Care,

Here in Madbury, New Hampshire (NH) we are experiencing our first true blizzard of the season. As of 2pm, we received 8" of snow and are expecting another 6-8" before the snow stops sometime after dinnah. You can be sure New England Land & Tree Care will keep up with the storm and plow out our loyal customers of Madbury, Lee and Durham.

Next week looks like another set of heavy bands which means more picturesque photos of the old and up n'coming Oyster River District.

Snowmobile trails around the Madbury, New Hampshire (NH) reservoir should be in great shape after winter storm Niko. On Tuesday winter storm Maya helped put a solid base layer down as the riding on the reservoir was pretty slushy due to the 52 degree weather we got Wednesday.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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