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Maple Syrup and Snow

Madbury, NH

Here in the Oyster River district it's almost half way through March and we've collected 540 gallons of maple sap. The sap gets collected and transported to a local farm in Barrington, NH. We have seen better years as the days have either been not warm enough for the sap to flow or the subsequent night wasn't freezing. We have roughly 200 taps out, either on long lines or connected to 5 gallon buckets. We're hoping for a 300+ gallon day- as of now we've only be able to collect three times, 158 gallons, 198, & 187- fingers crossed for the next haul!


With flowing bulbs slowly showing their tops, it looks like our home turf of Madbury, Durham, Lee, Dover, Barrington, Rochester, Stratham, Newmarket will see another Nor' Easter coming up the coast Tuesday into Wednesday morning. That means New England Land & Tree Care will be busy plowing once again!

Good Luck Everyone and Stay Tuned!

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